The year that was 2014

“WOW! 2014 you’ve been my busiest and best year to date!”

I’m so lucky in what I do and in getting to spend an awesome day out with all the amazing couples who let me into their lives! Thanks for all the support from everyone and not forgetting all the amazing couples for their positive comments, even a simple “like” on an image is humbling.

I've received a load of inquiries for weddings around the world including Australia, South Africa and even as tropical as Indonesia, hopefully a few more destination weddings will be booked, my passport is raring to go! Exciting times ahead!

Here's to a busy and creative 2015, I’m looking forward to meeting more fun and remarkable couples! A few of my fav images from this year.Check out the Vids at the end, I experimented more with video this year too! Hope you likey!

You all rock! Love Derek