Louise + Richie

Kilshane House

Rainy day in Blues, Lilacs, Purples and Pinks….

It’s all in the detail and Louise + Richie’s Wedding certainly didn’t fall short on this, in fact it was epic!, starting with wedding survival kits for the girls, scrabble letters to showcase the rings, some personalised beer bottles for the lads, cool retro transport courtesy of a VW Convertible and Camper van, vintage brollies, fun signage, loveheart confetti, wine themed table place names, a photo tree, sparklers outside for a bit of night-time fun….the list is endless!

It was a rainy Day but you really can’t tell from the pics…a common question many couples ask is “what if it’s raining”, this can be answered by looking at Louise + Richie’s Wedding, this was a particularly wet day but we took our opportunities and got some great shots when there were breaks in the weather, the bridal party braved the elements and we captured so many lovely moments, the couple had some alone time in the stunning grounds of Kilshane too, a perfect photo opp, something can always be worked out and we won’t let the Irish weather put a dampener on the proceedings!

Congrats L+R, it was a pleasure to have been part of your special rainy day…….