Wedding Albums

My Albums and how to pick your album images

Just a note to say our album arrived and we are absolutely delighted with it. So impressed with the quality and lay out and the photos are just fantastic.
We will continue to recommend you as a wedding photographer, your work is stunning.
— Aoife + Damien {Memento B+G}

Tips for choosing images -

An easy way to start is by choosing your favourite images, hopefully there will be loads, then you could break down the day and consider the following categories -

  • Details / Setting the scene / location

  • Bride / Partner  - getting ready / poignant moments

  • Details - shoes, dress, flowers, gifts, perfume etc

  • Groom / Partner -  getting ready / poignant moments

  • Details - shoes, suit, cufflinks, drinks, etc

  • Before the Ceremony - Favourite Bride / Partner images once ready and fully dressed

  • Transport to the ceremony / shots before the ceremony

  • Groom / Partner awaiting their other half at ceremony

  • Entering the ceremony / First kiss

  • Favourite and most poignant ceremony moments - Couple, Wedding Party, Family, Guests (exchanging vows / kiss / leaving the ceremony) details (rings, candles, signing of register)

  • Favourite couple shots outside ceremony

  • Family Shots

  • Transport to reception

  • Venue

  • Photoshoot - Couple

  • Photoshoot - Wedding Party, Bridal Party, Grooms Party

  • Venue - Drinks Reception / Guests, Music, Details, Food

  • Couple before they enter the reception

  • Couple entering their reception

  • Speeches / Musicians / First Dance

  • Dancing

Think about the page as a whole and the overall spread with this in mind think about the colour palettes and how certain images will work together.

  • Consider keeping colour or black and white images on separate page spreads.

  • Perhaps a dedicated Black and White or Colour only page.

  • Consider - Showcasing several standout images

  • Family combinations from both sides

  • Details, Fun moments

Remember this is something that you’ll cherish as a future keepsake so consider your emotional response to images and what your standout memories of the day were, the main thing is to suit your taste and include the images you both like.