Video Shorts


Suzie + Marc's Wedding {Video Short}

I won't lie to you but I was boozed-up for at least 70% whilst making this video. As a guest at my friends wedding in Glengarriff Lodge I couldn't take the day off {being a wedding photographer} with the visual feast before me, especially since I'm experimenting more and more with video. What an incredible, fun and quirky Wedding, it was awesome to capture the celebrations and the madness into the wee hours!!!! Congrats Guys, thanks for an epic weekend and the sore head {Totally worth it!!}

Survivor Paddy 4 // The Scottish Wild {Video Short}

4 Lads navigating the Scottish wild for 3 days. This is my first attempt at making a live action short and editing it myself. Both have been an amazing experience, I hope you enjoy!!!!!

The Harbour {Video short}

Survivor Paddy 3 // The Island {Video short}

De Dubalin Alps {Video short}